sunset at moms

sunset at moms

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Punish Tomorrow?

    I literally think this every single day. It just popped into my head one evening as I was debating doing the dishes or just leaving them until the next day, but it has stuck with me.

    I hate having a messy house. I hate waking up to dirty dishes and a bazillion (okay, 2) loads of laundry. Seeing every single toy my daughter owns strewn about the floor as I turn off the lights makes me cringe.
    That being said, I am not what you would call an orderly person. My whole life I have been unorganized, forgetful and unmotivated.
    "Sorry for the mess!" I would say, "It's been a crazy week!"
    Psh, yeah, crazy LAZY week.

    I would go through spurts at the Love Shack where I was pretty decent at keeping up with household stuff for about a week, and then drop it. We didn't have much space to store stuff and what we did, I was so afraid of mouse kooties that I didn't use it.
    Then we moved to our current apartment. Let me tell you what, I despise this place. The renters before us smoked, as does our upstairs neighbor. No matter how strong I have my Scentsy going, there is a perpetual funk in the air, which I realized clung to our clothes as well. I have a big ol' I-Hate-You!!! list for this place that I won't go into. But anyway, we decided after about a week and a half of living here that once the lease is up in March, we are so gone. So I decided that I would halt the unpacking. What was the point of getting everything out and funkified if I just had to box it up in a couple months anyway?
    So we lived in a bloomin' pit for about a month. And I was bitter, discouraged and crazy embarrassed.
    I'm not entirely sure what sparked me to start taking care of it, but I realized that I was basically trying to punish an inanimate object by letting it be a sty and making myself and my family miserable in the process.
    So I put on my big girl undies and tackled the beast. I put myself on a schedule so I wouldn't wander through my day, aimlessly spending hours on Pinterest and Facebook from my phone. It's not a real tight schedule, I just get up 6:45 (Now pushed back to 5:30 so I have time to work out and spend a good chunk of time reading my Bible), pack Will's lunch, make the bed and get whatever cleaning/organizing I can get done before Rory wakes up. I do what I can do without neglecting my child while she's awake and hit the bigger projects when she naps. After dinner I make sure all the dishes get done, tables/prep spaces get wiped down and the kitchen floor swept (I absolutely cannot stand the feel of Cheerios getting crunched under my socks!!!). When Will is reading to Loralai before bed I tidy up the living room, which usually takes less than five minutes.
   This has changed my attitude so dramatically. While I still don't care for this apartment, I can tolerate it. I can be thankful that this is where God has us for now. My biggest goal has always been to have a house where there's "a place for everything, and everything in its place", and I am so close to that. There is only one or two boxes of random stuff in my house as compared to stacks and stacks. Meaningless junk has been tossed or donated. There is order and peace, not chaos and stress.

    The way this has effected my Sunday mornings has also been huge. I used to get up at the absolute last minute I could, rush like crazy to get Loralai and myself presentable, choke down some form of carby substance and usually be very unkind to my ever-patient husband as we ran out the door to get to church while the worship team is already halfway through the first song.
    Angry angry Andie.
    These last 2 Sundays have been a breeze. I get up before Will and Loralai so I can for sure be put together and not running through the house at the last minute, frantically searching for the mysteriously illusive creature known as my belt. I can get a good breakfast made for my family and sit down and enjoy it with them and even get the dishes washed so I don't come home to a mess.

    Discipline is something I am learning and trying to make a habit, but if my title is "Homemaker", then doggonit, I need to make my house. Will works his butt off every single day so I can stay home with our little girl, and I need to pull my own weight. He should not have to work all day just to come home and start cleaning something. That is lunacy to me. Living in squalor is stressful. Change the attitude of your home; take control of your domain; utilize your time, don't blow it on meaningless crap. Schedule some "you" time into your day so you get a break to do something you enjoy, but there needs to be conscious effort put into the maintaining of your home. Even if it's one corner, one box, one cleaning project a day until you get caught up. Don't punish tomorrow for your laziness today.


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  1. This is just the post I needed to read today! I've been gradually moving back in with my parents and my room is in a less then stellar state right now. I had it organized, but then brought the last load of stuff and it is now piled EVERYWHERE!! I have been pushing the cleaning and clearing off "until tomorrow" for about a week and a half now, but this post has inspired me to go tackle it right now. :)